The Florence Residences Floor Plan

The Florence Residences is among these very few properties privatized in the Northeast. It passed the first successful offer for majority earnings in 2017 and has been promoted through a exceptional arrangement because of its florence residences condo Company listed in Singapore at a price of 629 million dollars.

In addition, it guarantees that an gain at the competitive and competitive selling cost from the area of forwarding movement.

With over 1,000 housing units planned within this wonderful project, the spacious home preparation between two chambers and a family size bundle will bring property buyers in each region. It is adjacent to the land groups that were acquired, Serangoon Junior College, during the playground, the sport court, alongside the pool. Being near to all regional centers in the Hougang and Kovan districts, you’re pamper yourself with an whole collection of shared amenities on your premises.
The imperial project will probably be easily distinguished because it is located at the primary arterial route.

If you are thinking about visiting the stunning setup gallery of this newest residential occupation, register your interest in the arrangement of this show and our staff will be thrilled to walk together with you with no obligation.

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