Necktie or Bow tie? Make a choice.

So, there is a party, and you are getting dressed. There hangs in your wardrobe two options to complete your outfit, one is the bow tie, and the other is the necktie. Which one is it that you should pick? Well, the clothes that you are wearing will make that decision for you. Are you ready for some help to understand which one you should wear?

When it’s a pleated shirt –

Close your eyes and reach out for the bowtie. Pleated shirts define formal attires, which means they are designed for button studs. If you wear it with a necktie, the buttons are all hidden.

Are you wearing a tux?

Tuxedos also mean formal occasions. If it is mentioned black tie as the dress code, pick up the bow tie. If it says a black tie is optional or the event isn’t that formal, then you can wear the necktie.

Choose silk or black satin when its necktie. Keep the pattern to the minimum, and you will be all set.

Is that a suit you are about to wear?

Bow ties have a significant impact on the current fashion industry. Though bow ties are not that common, they look outstanding. On the other hand, neckties are an obvious choice. You can again choose bow tie here. Uncommon, yes but not a fashion disaster. Keep in mind the colour of your suit when you pick your tie.

Depends on the guy you are –

The tough choice of choosing one over the other boils down to a simple answer and depends on the kind of man you are. If you think that the only piece of jewellery that you should wear, or carry is a classic watch along with your sartorial expression, then don’t hesitate to pull out a sleek and manly necktie. Aside from the everyday choices that a man makes over the kind of footwear he wears or bag he carries, there is always room for some extravagant touches that a tie can add.

Your choice of ties is more than often determined by the occasion –

There are no specific rules attached to wearing a bow tie. If you think you can pull off the funky, stylish, and sassy look with style, then don’t delay a moment to go for it. But, you must keep in mind that a bow tie isn’t for those who are not sure about it. If you are thinking to wear a bow tie to the office, then the holidays are the best time to do so. They have a festive look about them, and it will boost up your look.

Does your tie need to match with the rest of your look?

Well, the answer is definitely yes. Your outfit determines a lot and plays a massive part in determining the kind of tie you should go for. If there is a hint of piping or velvet on your outfit, then you can go forward with the bow tie. This specific tie looks sensational with blazers both single button and double-breasted ones. But, if you are planning to wear a blazer with three buttons, then it is safe to pick the necktie. Again, there is an exception here. You can leave the tie behind unless it is a formal event.

A patterned tie goes well with a solid colour shirt and vice versa.

When are ties a good option for you?

Ties are pretty much perfect for every occasion. But, keep in mind it all boils down to the type of clothes you are wearing. It is safe to say that you can rule out ties if you are going on a first date. Wear a blazer if you feel like but keep the ties out of the scenario. It will add a casual vibe to your thoughtful look. Never make the mistake of wearing a combination of black shirt and colourful tie. But, you can always leave behind the tie and proceed with an unbuttoned collar look.

Bow Ties and why they are a perfect choice?

Though, bow ties have been in trend for a very long time it still has the power to help you stand out in the crowd. It adds a way more fun, intelligent, and casual look. You get the chance to add creativity and get your personal space to experiment. The variation in colours, styles, and patterns is way more possible here. To get the most of it, you can avail the Catch promo codes.

No matter which choice you make there are plenty of options that you can make.