kent Ridge Hill Residences Floor Plan

You will find a terrific deal of fresh launching condos available at the moment, and you need to feel sorry for condo developers, who paid top dollar for en bloc and GLS sites simply to have the government slap an extra round of cooling measures in July kent ridge hill houses cost. No matter the circumstance kent ridge hill residences floor plan , 2018 was a roller-coaster year to the Singapore property market. From signs of a speedy revival to the jolt from heating measures, the entire year was anything but predictable.

No matter programmers have put a few new releases that seem very impressive, at least on paper. And when property buyers start easing back and place in the Industry , hopefully we might be pretty certain these five occupations could sell better than the rest:

Potential upside from Greater Southern Waterfront project and Circle Line Extension
This development has provided 128 units since its October 2018 launch, which suggests a decent amount taking under account the cooling actions and tighter loan constraints setup. The main appeal of Kent Ridge Hill Residences its location in a low-rise private house lot, right on the boundary of Kent Ridge Park. Like some other segments of prime District 10 in Bukit Timah, this really is a distinctive area that seems like a world apart from the busier and noisier parts of Singapore.

Another virtue in its favour are its potential upsides. The neighboring Pasir Panjang MRT station will connect directly to the CBD when the Circle Line growth is complete in 2025, which means that the area could become far more popular with tenants. (Currently, the area relies on Science Park, Buona Vista/one-north, Mapletree Business City, National University of Singapore and Harbourfront to draw its renters from.)

In the long term, Kent Ridge Hill Residences can also gain from Urban Redevelopment Authority’s Greater Southern Waterfront master app that will change the soon-to-be-vacated Pasir Panjang Port into an huge seafront recreational and business hub.