Florence Residences Condo

Living on a growth with larger grounds has its upside down — the larger the compound, the more facilities it might have onsite. The Florence Residences is spacious enough to house 128 facilities and 12 clubs with several themes. With a comprehensive suite of leisure options florence residences condo , preparing for weekend activities is now a breeze florence homes condo. Is it an outdoor movie screening in the Amphitheatre or swim at the 80m Island Lap Pool, we’re able to reevaluate traveling and planning period while maximising our time together as a family!

The centers in the Gourmet Club are the answer to our hosting ambitions.

As an urbanite who has spent lots of her life working in a real jungle, I firmly believe that homes should be restive sanctuaries. Revolving around the topic of Biophilia, the curated landscape serves to amplify the connection between citizens and character.

Quality Residence, inspired living
While my nearest and dearest and I have our eyes set on the four-bedroom apartment type at The Florence Residences, there are one- to five-bedroom components to satisfy the demands of different groups of individuals. Premium five-bedroom units include their own private elevator and powder room. The greater part of components in The Florence Residences have a north-south orientation.

Hougang Stadium and a low-rise landed home enclave constitute a part of the landscape across The Florence Residences. Components facing these regions will have comparatively unblocked views of their surroundings.